We Write About Music: Winchester 7 & the Runners break down their latest EP, "Heart of the Golden Mystics" - Interview

Taking the time to chat all about the band’s latest record Heart of the Golden Mystics, Winchester from Winchester 7 & the Runners gave us all the info on this fantastic album. Please enjoy our full interview below.

For those who might not be in the know WInchester 7 & the Runners have just unleashed a ukulele-rock EP on the world called Heart of the Golden Mystics. It’s jam packed with heart, soul, passion, and a front to back album experience that delivers in all facets. It takes the power of vivid songwriting and uplifts the listener with vibrant and ultimately catchy songs for a journey that we’re highly recommending you get into. Of course our conversation with the front man only led to the positives, which is why you should check out both as soon as you can.