The Ark of Music:: Winchester 7 & the Runners – Heart of the Golden Mystics Album Review

Winchester 7 & the Runners are a three-piece band based in Atlanta, Georgia, that play indie/garage rock with a delightful twist. Doing away with guitars altogether, the chord work is handled by Winchester’s electric ukulele, and the Runners round out the sound with drums and bass (Jack Kane and Phil Voorhees, respectively). Heart of the Golden Mystics is the trio’s fifth studio album and it serves up another delicious helping of the playful, energetic rock music for which they are known. 

The album begins with The Saint Simon Killer Returns, a high-energy number that centers around a punchy, two-chord riff. Arpeggiated keyboard lines and electronic drum hits give the song a nice, digital veneer without sacrificing the raw intensity. The chorus leans into a bit of psychedelia with its use of suspended chords and lines like “Feel the sun on your face / breathe release and escape”. There’s a definite, early Tame Impala vibe to this one. Very cool!