Music Authentic: Winchester 7 & The Runners are here with great songs and lots of fun

There are a few bands who are naturally funny and professionally evolving themselves all over the world. The talented Winchester 7 & The Runners are one of them. Merging different styles of rock, having an unusual lineup as a band watching their humorous music videos they are beyond interesting. As they have their latest EP, Argos Holiday out in the open, we couldn’t help but setting up an in-depth interview with them and well, that’s where everything started to loose… 

And while you are reading, listen to The Song That You Sing by Winchester 7 & The Runners, it’s good!

Music Authentic: Welcome to Music Authentic! Let’s begin with our site-traditional question: How did you sleep last night? 

Winchester 7: Rather well, thank you. I had a weird dream though. I was in a hotel room with Noel Gallagher and some of his family and friends where they were celebrating his birthday. He brought out a bass guitar and a friend of his started playing this small keyboard that had a turntable built into it.  They did this sort of funky jam as I admired a glossy photo printer that sat nearby, beneath the television. His wife printed something on it and told me that it was something that they always brought along to have plenty of headshots for fan autographs.