JamSphere: Winchester 7 & the Runners – ‘Argos Holiday’ – deliver a ponderous avalanche of big emotions, sweeping vocals and epic guitar-like sonics

Take the Ramones at their peak and place them in the same studio with the Beatles. Now take away the guitars, and replace them with electrified, overdriven ukuleles. You now have the basic elements to start a forward-thinking indie rock musical project called Winchester 7 & the Runners. This is where sophisticated, catchy ear-warming melodies and harmonies, cross paths with chunky rock rhythms, and raw punk abrasiveness. At the helm of this mellifluous mayhem sits Atlanta, Georgia-based Winchester 7 himself, taking care of vocals and ukulele. He is backed by his alter-egos Phil Voorhees (bass), based in Amsterdam, and the itinerant Jack Kane (drums), who can be found somewhere in the UK....READ MORE